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About Middleton's Fish Camp ...

Joe Middleton came to Blue Cypress Lake some 48+ years ago, along with his family to hunt gators and catfish! The road coming into the fish camp area was practically non-existent. If it rained, you could count on getting stuck!! Our former sheriff, who is a very close friend, was at that time a Game Warden. He can tell you that he tried to catch Joe poaching gators or illegally fishing for many years, but could never accomplish the task. When Joe came here, there were 4 buildings in our Village. Now there is a wonderful community here. Joe built a good business here and still, at age 76, works every day.

17 years ago, Joe and I were married.. The first time he took me out on the lake, I would not have been surprised if an Indian had poled out of the cypress trees in a canoe. The pristine beauty of the lake is breathtaking. No gas stations, fast food places or honking horns around here. Joe's favorite saying is that when you come here, we will treat you nice in so many ways, that you will without a doubt return.